Medusa Solutions

Medusa is deployed to make the entire floor, building, or estate into a single managed structure.  Everything is managed from the Medusa User Interface, often remotely.

  • Security segregation of each company with full network services for each.
  • Service plans to monetize Internet bandwidth into products.
  • Advanced network features that support any possible incoming company need.
  • Circuit failover and other resilience benefits.
  • Reporting, and business analysis.
  • An audit trail of changes for better management.
  • In serviced offices and common areas we can make copier / scanner / fax MFD devices available securely to all tenants.

Medusa network services comply with various standards such as PCI, IFA/IFA, Sarbannes-Oxley (SOX). Therefore incoming tenants can be assured they will meet compliance needs.

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Core Products

Medusa Server Edition

This provides complete management of a serviced shared workspace.

  • Full service to the workstation or device including management of network switches
  • Management of individual access on time basis
  • Medusa Gateways provide easy registration of Guests and Members. Branded logon pages can optionally integrate with CRMs and Management software
  • Room and wall-drop database managed from user interface to allocate companies to rooms from a screen. Included is the ability to use our Patchless networking via Medusa Managed switches which eliminates cable changes.
  • An entirely new Business analysis section that allows you to view, report and even generate billing data.
  • New types of Service plans for bandwidth revenues.

Medusa Mini Edition

This edition suits workspaces where it is desired to provide a single secure Internet connection per company or office.

Every business or company that takes Internet service will be the same entity on the Medusa UI, whether it is a 1 person business in a serviced office area, or an entire floor of 25,000 sq ft. Each company has access the full range of network services that Medusa provides, full security isolation and a bandwidth Service Plan for Internet.

Service plans can provide any amount of guaranteed bandwidth to a company, or access to shared (contended plans) suitable for smaller serviced office licensees.

Medusa Cowork Edition

Cowork edition is used by lots of people working in open plan areas, or day-offices. They can work on WiFi and wired, but work mainly as individuals. Company networks are used for shared printing, and common resources. The Edition can manage from 50 up to 2000 devices.

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Medusa Managed Hardware

No more hardware management. Medusa-managed devices are controlled directly from the Medusa user interface. So you can relax and forget they exist.


We support most Cisco layer 2 switches, HP and Allied Telesys.

Access Points

See WiFi below

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Create a fully open plan workspace where people can work where they want, and move around without disruption.

Flatten wired and wireless networks so that they are based on identity not physical location.

Intelligently incorporate physical devices, by type, eg Handsets, without manual patching of cabling.

Work where you want…

Roaming Bridge

‘Work where you want’… In modern workspaces, there are many open spaces; public, meeting, collaboration, or lounges.  However, people often have valid needs to remain on their own company network while outside their office, rather than moving to a guest network.

This option identifies the devices of the user and keeps them connected to their own network. This allows Medusa to create a single secure wireless and wired network throughout the building.

In addition, any unknown devices are treated as Guests and these users see a branded Gateway screen.


Access points can be connected anywhere to provide guest services, and these devices can be existing units or Medusa Managed units.

Using Medusa Managed Access points and our roaming technology on Medusa, it is possible to extend tenant networks securely to breakout areas including gardens and smoking zones using a single network for the site.

WiFi can also be installed for specific floors or tenants, or made to cover a number of tenants that share a floor. In this case WiFi is integrated with tenant networks (or is made available as a feed to the tenant).

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Gateway Integrations

“Your customer’s customer are your next customers”

Hundreds of people may use your workspace each month – all unknown to you. But if you automatically record their details into a CRM you can communicate with them, without lifting a finger. Integrations link guest WiFi to popular CRMs like Mailchimp or ZoHo, or management software like Nexudus.

When individuals attempt to connect to Internet they will see a branded login page where they identify themselves. They will have the choice between the guest login page, or the member one.

Member Integration

Members have a credential that you’ve already given them in return for access priviliges.

You consult the membership’s software to see if you have the right membership for your usage and they will advise you otherwise if you need to upgrade your membership.

Available for Medusa Server and the Cowork Edition.

Guest Integration

In this category are your customers’ visitors, or your customers’ customers. Guest integrations such as Mailchimp allow you to put this data directly into a third party (cloud, CRMs etc). This allows you to automate your marketing.

Integrations for Nexudos, Mailchimp and Zoho.

Available for Medusa Server and the Cowork Edition.

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Company Portal

Enable the Customer

Normally, when a company has a problem, they turn to onsite staff for answers. This can be slow and take up staff time. With the portal, companies can check there first. To help the user out, there is even an extensive manual that explains terminology for the customer.

The portal page is branded with the workspace’s chosen image and has contact details.

Download the Specification here

Workspace Benefit

With access to their own account, a customer can use the Company Portal to see everything at a glance. Graphs. Service plans. Data usage. It even tells them where to plug in and summarises configuration data for firewalls or servers.

Better still, they can elect to have these reports emailed every week or month.

And when performance is being investigated, the all-new interactive graphs allow users to zoom-in and investigate their bandwidth charts.