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Who We Are

Medusa is specialised in the management of a shared workspace’s “infrastructure” through our technology known as Medusa.

We’ve been doing this since 1999 and our customers operate over 550 business centres, plus a rapidly growing base of co-works, hubs and informal shared workspaces. We have brought many ‘firsts’ to the shared workspace industry over that time, and we plan to bring a lot more.

We know about the business of operating workspace, revenue models, and processes. Medusa is a technology that creates managed services.

We innovate constantly to ensure people and businesses can work the way they want to work; delivered as services, naturally.

Our technology is available in the form of appliances and is supplied as Editions and Options. We usually license by the size of the workspace.

We are very experienced in working with worldwide partners, such as IT companies, voice companies and specialist real estate managers.

“We innovate constantly to ensure people and businesses can work the way they want to work. “

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Who You Are

If you are interested in what Medusa does, you probably are a company that currently runs a shared workspace, or you work within one such as:

Business Centres and Serviced Offices

If you operate Business Centres or Serviced Offices, then you may already know us through our partners. Medusa will give you an instant solution to manage your infrastructures, ranging from 2 to 200 companies. We are members of BCA, GWA, ABCN and other trade bodies.

Business Parks & Towers

What works for Business Centres works for Buildings and Parks. The instant flexibility we create means that any space can be reconfigured so tenants can move in without delay.

Incubation, Start-Up, and Innovation spaces

If you curate spaces to develop companies, our experience is extensive in catering to your needs. Medusa makes looking after these early stage companies easy.

Coworking, Hub & Membership spaces

Our integration with cloud management platform (eg Nexudus) simplifies management. Meanwhile, if you run plans charged as hours-per-month, then our WiFi-based, zero-touch ‘Presence Tracking’ feature makes this simple.

Meeting, Touchdown and Day-offices facilities

Using a Medusa edition for meeting and touchdown will also enable our integrations with CRMs like Mailchimp, ZoHo etc. Capture the identity of your guest and automate your marketing.

Unmanaged space

For as long as Medusa has operated, it’s remote management features mean it has been deployed in un-staffed locations.

Corporate and Enterprise Workspace

Corporate space increasingly resembles public space. We create all sorts of work environments to create a Sense of Space. We can control all devices and yet enable full roaming within the building while maintaining network security.

*Smaller businesses often want to share their space with partners, contractors or just rent excess space. We have a programme for that.

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Our Partners

Around the world we work with partners. Our partners have different skills; technical gurus such as voice experts or IT specialists, but also knowledge experts such as workspace designers, innovation or start up advisors. We also work with a small number of technology vendors to integrate within Medusa’s common face to the world.

These partnerships pool expertise and reputations, ensuring you have the strongest team enabling your workspace.

Want to be a partner of Medusa? Just get in touch – we don’t have a formal programme, just those who add value to our customers.